From Southfork to Northspoon

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Dec 31

A Lesson in Guerrilla Marketing

Speaking with Appraiser Jeff Murphy from Ottawa’s South March the other day, I learned
that guerrilla marketing shows up in every walk of life.

horse breeder with a tiny, three stall barn lives next to Ottawa tycoon and 67s co-founder Earl Montagano
on the county road between Almonte and Appleton. It just so happens that Mr.
Montagano has an enormous barn and home on a large property that somewhat
resembles JR Ewing’s fantastic ranch in Texas
called Southfork. Living legend and country singer Wayne Rostad nicknamed
Earl’s place ‘Northspoon’, a cool riff on ‘Southfork’.

whenever Earl’s neighbour sold one of her horses, she would arrange pickup from
Earl’s place not hers (with his permission). A great brand may enable you to
charge and get above market prices and Northspoon really impressed the heck out
of her buyers. Think Apple.

GM is often a grey ethical area but
as long as she tells no lies, she is probably OK. She never says that this is
her place, just meet me here and take delivery of your new horse. It’s the smart truth.


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