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Jan 01

Where are Women Headed?

Many people help authors make their
works better by sharing their experiences. When preparing to write Book 3 (The
Successors) in the Quantum Entity Trilogy,
there were scenes I wanted to write that were far beyond what I could hope to
do on my own. For example, in Book 2, American Spring, I wrote a Texas Hold’em
scene that was hugely improved by working with a former student of mine who is
a top player. 

Another such was what I wanted to
write in Chapter 1 of Book 3–about a moto race won by a woman in a sport that
is almost completely dominated by men. I am deeply obliged to Vicki
Schouten, a top moto racer for helping me make that possible.
Vicki now runs her own biz,

If you want to understand how
difficult this can be listen to another Vicki (Golden) and
watch what she can do in motocross. What an inspiration the two Vickis are to
my three daughters and, frankly, to all. In every nation where women’s rights
are respected, well, those are the only countries any sane person would want to
call home.

Forward Progress: Vicki
 – More Motocross Videos

Ms. Golden’s video added four key points to Chapter 1 of Book 3 including the
fact that athletes like Vicki want to compete with the very best and not be
seen as women who ride just as riders.

watch as Vicki Schouten tears around Chuckwalla Valley Raceway on a stock 2011
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. It’s a unique view of what it’s like to be on one of
these super bikes–the skills, endurance, strength, guts and luck you need to do
this are amazing.


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