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Sep 18

Here is a design we used to create small, affordable flex homes, whose functional program evolves as family and ownership needs change over time.

It can be a 4-bedroom, 2-bath single family home. Then with insertion of a single door, it transforms into a duplex with 2, 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartments, each with their own private entry. For greater efficiency, there is some shared space–a single laundry room serves both units.

The entry to the lower level unit is on the side of the home near the garage and note, because of its high ranch bungalow-style, it is only ½ level down.

Over time, this home (based on a granny flat design I lived in when I was visiting UCSC in Santa Cruz many years ago) can accomodate–

-a single family using the entire living space

-two apartments

-a 2-bedroom home on the upper floor with the lower level being used as a home office with its own separate ingress/egress

-a home for parents on the upper floor and a separate apartment for a returning (adult) child, perhaps with a baby of their own

-a home for an elder on the upper floor with a rental apartment at the lower level providing income for the retiree and company and security





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Download as pptx file from, https://www.old.dramatispersonae.org/images/Flex-Homes-villager-iv.pptx. Note, quality of images is superior.

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