May 09

First Ever Spirepoint and Century 21 Explorer Realty Property Tour

Our first ever property tour was a terrific success, at least if the above photo is any indication of

attendee enthusiasm. 

Here’s what we did–

Our schedule:

1. START: Lincoln Fields Mall (2525 Carling Ave)
near Moore’s
menswear at 9:30 am

2. 1268 Henry Farm Drive
at 10 am [learning? frontyard parking, adding sideyard apartment, building backyard coach house, micro office garage conversion]

3. 93 LeBreton street north at 10:45 am [learning? how to buy smart, how to use WOW, window on world, how to get top rents, benefits of private outdoor space for each apartment]

4. 1375 Pebble road at 11:30 am [learning? adding a basement apartment]

LUNCH BREAK Panera Bread 320 W Hunt Club road

5. 28 Millford avenue
at 1:00 pm [learning? elder care in existing neighborhoods]

6. 1117 Ambleside drive 1:45 pm [learning? how to buy low]

7. 3 Splinter crescent 2:30 pm [learning? adding a self contained apartment to a townhouse]

8. 1302 Tompkins street
3:15 pm [learning? how to produce an unreal cap rate]

9. Canadian Tire Centre 4 pm [learning? everything you always wanted to know about CTC and the Ottawa Senators]

10. 301-303 Moodie drive at 4:45 pm [bonus for next time!]

11. FINISH: Lincoln Fields Mall (2525 Carling Ave) near Moore’s menswear at 5:30 pm



Our Team:

Bruce M Firestone, presenter

Ottawa Senators Founder, Century 21 Explorer Realty
Inc broker
B Eng (Civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD


Blacquiere, host

Real Estate founder

Marilynne Ball,
helping professional

Century 21
Explorer Realty Inc salesperson, REALTOR


@ profbruce

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About the Author

Bruce is an entrepreneur/real estate broker/developer/coach/urban guru/keynote speaker/Sens founder/novelist/columnist/peerless husband/dad.