Firestone’s Power Laws of Selling

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Jan 18

Keynote By Bruce M Firestone, PhD


If you can’t sell, you can’t be an entrepreneur or in business. You not only need to sell to clients and customers, you need to sell to suppliers and employees, who trust you to pay them, to VCs, banks and lenders, to the media, to your community, even to your competitors, co-opetitors  and your industry. 


But wait. If you are working for a not-for-profit, a charity or NGO, you don’t need to sell, right? Wrong. You can’t do good works without some funding. How about governments, do they need to sell? Sure they do—their programs and accountability, as well as their city’s or nation’s lifestyles and opportunities, otherwise their entrepreneur classes, creative classes and their most important resource—their children—will leave or not return.

In his keynote, Bruce M Firestone will take you through his power laws of selling. You’ll learn that if you want the money, you have to be funny, and that successful selling is about effective storytelling. He’ll share with you one of the great secrets of successful salespeople—they know their clients’ businesses almost as well as their clients do, and they use something called negative cost selling.

What do Canucks, Swedes, Aussies, Brits, and Euros do well? DESIGN-BUILD, that’s what. What do Yanks do better than anyone else? DESIGN-BUILD-MARKET-SELL.

How did Bruce found the modern day Ottawa Senators in the early 1990s, a time when the country was going through another tough recession and had already lost two existing NHL teams, in Quebec and Winnipeg? He used his power laws of selling, that’s how, and he’ll share them with your organization and with you. 


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