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By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching

Jan 29

YES, I want to sign up for the Firestone Institute ninja real estate investor, co-coaching and development manager course.

YES, I want to learn how to be a development manager to ensure my projects and those of others I deal with get started as soon as possible and come in on-time and on-budget with as few deficiencies as possible.

YES, I want to become an accredited co-coach, investor, renovator, developer, development manager!

YES, I want to learn more about animation (adding new revenue streams to property), proper leasing, financing, property management, development, construction, renovation, appraisals and more…

YES, I want to expand my range of options and income…

What do I get?

-you receive free e-copies of a Learn by Doing series of real estate investment and business books including: 1) Real Estate Investing Made Easy, 2) Retire Rich, Retire Early, 3) Why and Why Not to Invest in Real Estate and 4) Business Model Illustrations: Real Estate Investment and Personal Business for Life Mini Case Studies, all written by lecturer Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD

-you get six months worth of unlisted, online video lectures and webinars to review at your own speed

-you get your assignments reviewed by your course lecturer and returned to you with comments

-you get free email and text support from your lecturer—both problem solving and introductions to others who can help with specific issues/questions

-you receive other support including a long series of spreadsheets and forms to help you in your present and future quest to build an above average performing real estate investment portfolio and/or PB4L, personal business for life

-you get an opportunity to challenge the final exam (an online but lecturer-supervised activity)… AND MUCH MORE

Who should take this course?

  1. Anyone who wants to invest in real estate and build a portfolio that outperforms returns other investors in real estate are getting not to mention outperforming almost any other type of investment you can think of
  2. Anyone who is thinking of building/developing new projects or renovating existing ones
  3. Anyone who wants to learn to be a development manager and practice as a development manager
  4. Anyone who wants to make a living as a Firestone Institute real estate investment and business co-coach
  5. Any architect, planner, project manager etc who wants to be able to speak the same language as an investor or developer
  6. Anyone who wants to build not only better communities and neighborhoods but also built form of our cities and towns…Who should take this course?

What do other students say about the course?

“Working with Prof Bruce over the past nine months has taught me a lot about property animation, as well as other aspects of real estate I never even knew existed. I have been in the business for nearly a decade, but what Bruce Firestone taught me took me to a whole other level,” Derian Tuitt, real estate investor, real estate investment co-coach, O-YES (one year exit strategy) coach Derian Tuitt

“I consider myself well-rounded having been in management positions for most of my working career. I did hear that everyone should have a coach so when I heard that people like Bill Gates had a coach that got me thinking. I found Prof Bruce and immediately understood the true worth of having a coach. I thought I was pretty good at what I do until he started coaching me. He is so far above my level of business knowledge and understanding that I couldn’t help but be elevated upwards towards his level. Prof Bruce is a true gentleman and is the epitome of a true professional. Don’t think about getting a coach, just do it, and if you are going to hire one, I would highly recommend Prof Bruce Firestone,” Rick Rose, Windsor 2019

“I have taken numerous real estate courses, including one’s from the US, that cost me tons of money… but I gained very little knowledge that I could easily apply. Professor Bruce’s course wins over them all hands down! Since I started taking Professor Bruce’s co-coaching course, I’ve learned more in this one course than all of the other courses combined. The course is down to earth and filled with everyday stuff that can be applied immediately to grow your business in the real world. He does what everybody seems to fail to do–teach stuff that really works! I was able do things right away and start increasing my ROI immediately! I highly recommend taking his course and getting some coaching from him–it teaches you things you never knew about yourself! My future looks much brighter thanks to Prof Bruce!I recommend it even if you don’t invest in real estate or own your own business. It will teach you fabulous life skills!” Eva O’Grady, Ottawa 2019

“We are so fortunate to have met Bruce Firestone on our journey. He has not only helped us tremendously in gaining focus on our mission, but he has given us a wealth of knowledge and has supported us as both a friend and mentor. We highly recommend him as a coach, his co-coaching training and working with him on your projects, as he is a great role model and his out of the box thinking will only enhance your life!” Trish Taylor, Co-Founder, GT Global Prosperity Inc, 1-905-220-1076 “Together We Will Change The World!” – GT Global Prosperity

“I have taken numerous real estate courses over the past 15 years and Prof Bruce is for real.  ” Eva O’Grady, 2019

What is my investment?

Auditing the course is a one-time investment of $1,700 + HST. There is an additional one-time fee of $300 + HST to challenge the final exam to get your accreditation from the Firestone Institute. This is optional but to get your accreditation, you must write and pass the final exam (as well as have completed all assignments satisfactorily).

Additionally, you may choose after completing the course to sign up for 1-on-1 coaching at a reduced rate, but this too is optional.

Are there any bonuses?


You will get a Prof Bruce Power Circle wristband to remind you to: 1) act to change your life, 2) believe and have confidence in yourself, 3) surround yourself only with people you like and trust, and 4) to say “no” to things that distract you from your core mission 😊

You can add a +1 to audit the course with you for free—a spouse, a family member, a trusted adviser, a realtor, a lawyer, a designer, an investor, a mortgage brokers, an accountant, a colleague…

You also receive e-copies of Bruce Firestone’s: a) Don’t back down, the real story of the founding of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators and why big leagues matter, and b) Quotes for Entrepreneurs, Great Quotes to Inspire, Guide and Motivate, For Real.

Plus, you will learn how to really build, finance, manage, lease/rent, and animate a great real estate investment portfolio and/or PB4L—to take care of yourself and your family for three generations…



What will I learn?

-how to buy property properly

-how to determine a property’s HABU, highest and best use

-how to animate property by creating/adding new revenue streams

-how to finance it

-how to manage and lease/rent it

-how to refinance, rinse and repeat and grow your portfolio

-how to adapt real estate investment and PB4L business models so you can provide for yourself and your family for 3-generations and also quit your day job

-how to get sponsors for practically anything

-how to find investors

-how to properly analyze deal–cap rates and IRRs (internal rates of return)–become a spreadsheet ninja

-how to really market and sell

-how to create an irresistible two-minute elevator pitch and message map 

-how to animate whole neighborhoods and communities so all property values rise

-how to create the right holding structure and how to pass on your property efficiently and effectively to your heirs

-how to coach others to do the same 

-how to find your first coaching clients


How do I sign up?

Simple! Please complete the following and return it to

About you:

Name: ____________________ (last) ____________________ (first) _____________________ (middle)        

Phone #: ____________________ (home) ____________________ (work) ____________________ (cell) 

Email: __________________________________________   

Address: _____ (street number) _________________________ (street name)

______ (suite/apartment) _____________________ (city/town) ______________ (postal code) 

About your +1:

Name: ____________________ (last) ____________________ (first) _____________________ (middle)        

Phone #: ____________________ (home) ____________________ (work) ____________________ (cell) 

Email: __________________________________________   

Address: _____ (street number) _________________________ (street name)

______ (suite/apartment) _____________________ (city/town) ______________ (postal code) 

About your ICE contact:

Name of person to be contacted after hours for emergency (ICE) purposes: ____________________ (last) ____________________ (first) _____________________ (middle) 

Phone #: ____________________ (home) ____________________ (work) ____________________ (cell)

Email: __________________________________________                   

Your payment information:

Payment method: _________ Visa _________ MasterCard

Cardholder name: _______________________________________________ Cell number: ________________________ (with area code)

Account number: ________________________________________________ Expiry date: ___________________ CVV: ____________

Signature: ___________________________________ Postal Code: ___________________ (associated with card)

HST No 13644 8024 RT0001 

Thank you for signing up with the Firestone Institute.

Please don’t hesitate to text or email for support and answers to any questions you might have.

Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD

Real Estate Investment and Business coach

Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc broker

Ottawa Senators founder





Please also complete the following quiz and return it along with the above form:

1. I have time to invest in myself. YES/NO

2. I can keep my word and promises to myself to work on my course material. YES/NO

3. There is a gap between where I am now and where I want to be. YES/NO

4. I am willing and able to do the work required to get me where I want to go. YES/NO

5. I am willing to give up self-sabotaging or self-defeating behaviors that limit my success. YES/NO

6. I can be counted on for all assignments and readings. YES/NO

7. I am willing to learn new concepts even if I am not 100 percent sure they will work. YES/NO

8. I have the support I need to make changes in my life (family, friends, work). YES/NO

9. Learning more about real estate investing and PB4L development is the appropriate discipline for the changes I want to make. YES/NO

10. I take full responsibility for my own life, and decisions I make. YES/NO

11. I want to live my life fully and not just survive to get by. YES/NO

12. My life and work are demanding, and I want to find ways to handle increasing speed and complexity. YES/NO

13. I see learning as a worthwhile investment. YES/NO

14. I have the patience to analyze what I need to do and take action to get it. YES/NO

15. I believe in providing for myself and my family through real estate investing and/or a business I own and control, not relying on others to do that for me/us. YES/NO

16. I am ready to move beyond analyzing, complaining and dreaming into action. YES/NO

If you answered “yes” to at least 12 of these questions, it is likely that this course will be effective in helping you define and achieve your goals.

My YES score on this quiz is: __________

Signed: ____________________________________________

Dated: _____________________________

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