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Find out which of your 9 saboteurs are keeping you from fulfilling your potential

Take a 5-minute test at–

My results are shown above.

I have to be careful:

1. not to be too self critical

2. not to try to please people all the time

3. not to try to control things I can’t

4. not to be in hyper achievement mode all the time

You should also take the 2nd test. It’s called the PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient) test. It tries to measure what percentage of time your mind serves you without being sabotaged (by you). My score was a miserable 31 out of 100.

Here’s what my report said:

“Your score is 31. It means that outside the neutral times, your mind is in Sage as opposed to Saboteur mode 31% of the time.”

The site says 75% is the tipping point, after which your mind is helping you achieve peak performance.

“A key premise of Positive Intelligence is that all your negative, destructive, or wasteful feelings are generated by your Saboteurs, regardless of the circumstances. Every ounce of your energy wasted on anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, self-doubt, impatience, despair, regret, resentment, restlessness, guilt, or shame is a choice that was made by the Saboteurs in your mind.

"Every challenge can be met by the Sage, its perspective, and its five great powers. The Sage’s perspective and powers generate only positive feelings.”

obviously have a long way to go…

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My life coach ( says one way to train/exercise your mind to resist your inner saboteurs is the moment you recognize one of them is active in your head, you stop everything you are doing, and count to ten by pressing once on each finger tip. This’ll eventually train your brain to sabotage your saboteurs…

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