Jun 11

Fern Transplanting

I’ve transplanted ferns before, and usually lost about 50% of them in the process. This June 2015 was different. 

Even though ferns have almost no root system, my wife and I dug out and transported (from our rural property) a significant amount of local earth with each plant. We placed good quality topsoil and water in each hole then gently lowered the ferns and captured soil into each depression. After which we packed down the earth around them gently by hand, and added yet more water.

So far so good–100% survival to date.

Oh, yes, it hasn’t hurt that every day since, we’ve had significant rainfall too (as was the case when the above photo was taken).

Our goal is to have as close to zero grass as we can and as much natural planting as possible–species that are native to eastern Ontario and which will require (after an adjustment period) close to zero maintenance, cutting, trimming, fertilizing, weeding and watering.

A “lawn” of ferns sounds nice not least because our neighbors won’t have to listen to us crank up our lawnmower and we won’t be helping everyone else destroy another of earth’s precious ecosystems.

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