Entrepreneur’s Skill Set

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Jan 02

entrepreneurs be trained or are they born? We believe it is a combination of

does, however, tend to run in families so there may be a genetic predisposition
to it or it may simply be that children brought up around an entrepreneurial
parent, grandparent, Uncle or Aunt may just be more comfortable with the risk
profile of becoming an entrepreneur one day.

said this, most entrepreneurs tend to have a significant number of the
following 26 (A to Z) traits:

predisposition to entrepreneurship;
b. supportive family and friends;
c. right sort of education and training;
d. working with right mentor(s)/able to verbalize their plans and ideas in
front of trusted audience;
e. good timing/able to SEE opportunity and seize it;
f. able to focus and put forth intense effort all the while check, check,
checking everything and everyone;
g. creative and innovative/adding differentiated value to highly workable
business models;
h. open to new ideas;
i. willingness to change;
j. ability to discover new ideas in the process of doing;
k. high energy;
l. tolerance for risk and stress;
m. acceptance of outside best practices;
n. ability to compartmentalize;
o. ability to sell ideas, products and services; also a good
negotiator/understands basic human nature;
p. top end leadership skills and vision;
q. can figure some things out as s/he goes along;
r. dumps losers and keeps winners (knows when to quit/when to stay in the
race—also applies to HR);
s. self-motivated and able to prioritize for himself or herself as well as for
the organization;
t. team player/not afraid to hire up/optimally utilizes skills of each team
u. impeccable warrior (such as never drink and think);
v. not easily discouraged/confident;
w. able to juggle many tasks and hats at one time;
x. goal setter and finisher—able to complete things and execute at highest
y. great commitment and passion;
z. large-sized storehouse of luck.

If you would like to see if you
have a predisposition to entrepreneurship, please take the ECQ Test, https://www.old.dramatispersonae.org/ECQTest/ECQ(ns)TestAuto.htm.
It takes about 5 or 6 minutes. Let us know your score, bmfirestone @


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