Jan 03

Do You Know How Hard It is?

Do you know how hard it is to write and perform a song like this?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVcu3F-2QLo]

Bandslam – Amphetamine

Aly Michalka pictured above…

It’s poetry, the toughest form of human communication to create, and set to music to boot.


On the seventh hour of the seventh day

The seventh son was looking for a seventh stage get away

The word came down from a blinding light

You got one chance, baby, baby, you better do it right

I was driving down on the 101

It was late at night and I was thinking ‘bout the things I’d done

All of my regrets and, baby, all of my fears

I was slipping the car from gear to gear to gear

Hey hey hey

God bless the child, God bless his soul

God perish the idea that he’ll die before he’s old

You gotta be cool, you got to behave

And there’ll be time for that when I’m lying in my grave

You gotta watch your step, or you’ll lose your way

Take heed of your elders and do everything they say

Watch out for the man, the man who tolls the bells

But if I fear for the devil and I fear for myself

Then I’m gonna have to fear for everybody else

Oh yeah, I’m gonna fly (sha la la la la mamma yeah)

I’m gonna live until the day I die

Ain’t got time to wonder why

I’m gonna live until the day I die

Sha la la la mama yeah (repeat)

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