Dear Creator

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Mar 31

A modern prayer…

Dear Creator, who trusts in me as I trust in you,
So that I may be part of something greater than my self.
Who has conferred upon me a healthy heart, mind and spirit.
And who has accorded me valued friends and family, elders and successors,
That I may live to the benefit of others, not a burden be.

Dear Creator, who guides me in truth, wisdom and courage,
Knowing false prophets who appear before me.
So shall I make no acts of commission, asking forgiveness for my omissions.
I shall forsake pride, envy, greed, and rage,
And resist temptation to evil, indolence and excess.

Dear Creator, who teaches me to be humble, giving others a second chance,
So that they may change, generous neighbors and Samaritans be.
That they may look up and ahead, supporting and nurturing each other and me.
To gratefully bequeath each place better than we found it, this wondrous expanse we call home,
So that we may peacefully cherish each other, lead and be led, together as one.

Written by:


Altair Vasilescu, age 15, while living in Guatemala’s mountainous highlands, village of Akna. Originally from Port Isabel, Texas. Daughter of Delaney Hunter and José-Luis Vasilescu.


Pastor Bill Williams take on Altair’s prayer:

I have read
and re-read the prayer written by your stunningly beautiful character, Altair
Vasilescu, and, as with all prayers, I am humbled to be witness to any
conversation with God.

From the
simplest prayer of “God Help Me!” to Altair’s written prayer where she opens up
her heart and pours out her being to the love and care of her Creator, I
believe that God is listening to her with complete attentiveness.

I love how
she opens her prayer with “Dear Creator”; this salutation displays the highest
reverence for the magnitude of just how big and omnipresence this entity really

In today’s
language the word “God” gets mixed up with many self-serving ideas of who and
what God is. “Creator” on the other hand has the connotation of the creator of
the vast universe and also the creator of the self that is the writer of the

Altair reveals that she is not the one with the power, and that her creator
knows all and that she will place her trust and life in His hands. This is a
sign of true humility, which can be the most attractive characteristic in any
human. She also thanks her Creator for all she has and acknowledges that they
are all gifts to her and for her usefulness to her creator and to others.

acknowledges that all her emotions and thoughts are given in trust to her and she
should be using them to bring joy and forgiveness to the earth. She goes on to
display that in her own defects of being human that she must turn away from
them and rely on the Creator to guide her through the daily struggle of life.

In this world
of take, take, take, she acknowledges that she must live in the solution of
love and forgiveness and carry herself as an example of joy to a harmful world.

Altair is a
truly gifted writer and knows her place in the cosmos as she obviously
demonstrates in this prayer. As the creator of this character, I feel you are
living out your own spirituality through the life of Altair. So the way I see
it is that your Creator is pleased with you and continues to gift you with the
ability to help others.

God bless,

Bill Williams, truck driver, pastor, Recovery Church founder

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