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Dawn MacMillan Firestone

Dawn is a personal life coach with experience in corporate communications and nonprofit leadership.  She trained with California-based Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Her desire is to work with individuals who want to consciously create their life—to change limitations and obstacles into opportunities in a safe, supportive, confidential environment.

Dawn’s past career experience includes leading a private nonprofit supporting Canada’s visual and performing artists. She has extensive experience Public Relations, Corporate Communication and Community Development and Scientific Research.  She is committed to paying it forward and is a devoted volunteer.

-Want to improve your performance and productivity at work?

-Want to be more focused and successful?

-Want to make more money?

-Want to give your career or business a boost?

-Want to get out and stay out of financial trouble?

-Want a better, less stressful, more fulfilling life?

If you answered any one of these questions with a YES, then please contact Coach Dawn, dawnf1@rogers.com.

“I participated in a GPS Yourself: Find Your True North workshop facilitated, in part, by a fabulous professional coach—Dawn MacMillan Firestone. She is original and creative, and delivers insight that taps into multiple intelligences ensuring you are actively engaged... You come away with an experience that moves you to a whole other level; you find out what is stopping you and what is propelling you forward so you can do more of the latter and less of the former,” Roxanne

"The exercises and coaching I got from Dawn were instrumental in getting me to think deeply about what is important in life and my career. They helped me get a visual on my true purpose. These are the types of things that just keep on giving..." Nicole

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