Apr 01

David Perry’s Fearlessness

My friend David Perry’s new bestseller, Hiring Greatness, is now available. 

David understands that it’s not assets that produce income, it’s people, so hire up.

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postscript: what makes Dave fearless? He’s not afraid of success. That’s right, he dares to challenge himself to be successful.

You see it’s not fear of failure that makes most people fail, it’s fear of success. 

Come again?

Yes, it’s fear of success.

It goes this way:

-I didn’t try my hardest therefore it’s no surprise that I failed

-if I had tried my hardest, I would have succeeded

-bit I didn’t so I didn’t

In this way, you protect your ego, but guarantee failure. 

So it’s fear of success not failure that keeps most people from winning…

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