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Nov 26

To listen to Dave interview Prof Bruce about real estate investing, please click here:



Dave Dubeau

-How Bruce’s dad, professor OJ “Jack” Firestone, was advised by cabinet minister CD Howe at a colleague’s gravesite to provide for family… in Jack’s case, via real estate investing…

Questions Dave asks:

1.    Tell us about your background before getting into real

2.    What sparked your interest in real estate
investing?  How did you first get started?

3.    You have a LOT of experience in real estate
development – being very well known for spearheading the Canadian Tire center
in Ottawa and
actually founding the Ottawa Senators hockey team.  How did you get there?

4.    Not everyone can get their heads around doing HUGE
developments like you have done… how do you encourage people to expand their
contexts so that they can start thinking bigger and doing better things with
their lives?

5.    You are a big proponent of taking charge of your own
finances through real estate investing.  You are preaching to the choir
here, but just to reinforce it, why is real estate investing your #1 choice?

6.    Bruce, you are a very creative fellow.   One
of your many specialties is what you call ‘animating’ your portfolio. 
What do you mean by that (and examples).

7.    What
do you think makes the most sense for the average Canadian real estate investor
to start focusing on, or switch to focusing on, when it comes to investing?


Prof Bruce

8.    What are a couple of your best tips for attracting and
approaching people about investing with you (money partners) ?

9.    Finding investors is one part, finding the deals is
the other big part of the process…what are some things you do to find good

10. Let’s talk a little bit about mindset and what fuels
you.  What do you consider to be your ‘why’ or ‘purpose’?  What
motivates you to do everything you do in order to be successful?

11. Robert Kiyosaki talks about everyone having one or
more ‘unfair advantages’.  What do you consider to be yours?

12.  If
people would like to contact you or find out more about you Bruce, what would
you like them to do?

@ profbruce

postscript: you can also listen to part 1 of Prof Bruce on growcast, https://soundcloud.com/growcast-1/growcast-episode-9-bruce-m-firestone

Part 2 is here, https://soundcloud.com/growcast-1/growcast-episode-9-part-two-bruce-firestone

Bruce Firestone on CBC radio talking about Lebreton Flats and why Canadian Tire Centre is where it is, https://soundcloud.com/cbcottawa1/bruce-firestone-on-lebreton-flats

postscript: what does “PhD” stand for? Piled higher and deeper. 

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