Mar 21

Cumberland Log Cabin Kit

A friend of mine sent me this. What did I like best?

The front door handle, which welcomes you home with a handshake.

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postcript: here’s their sales pitch from,

Are you looking for a duplex living arrangement? Today is your
lucky day, especially if you fancy the more traditional log cabin
design. The Cumberland Log Cabin Kit can be yours from $16,350. The
people from the Amish Cabin Company provide you with a comfortable home.
The feeling of nature will be all around you with this cabin. The logs
used in building it come from sustainable tree plantations so you don’t
need to worry about that. The company behind the kit is very helpful in
offering what you’ll need in order to make the kit into a welcoming
home. Check out their website to find out more useful information, like
shipping prices and whether assembly is provided or not. Good luck with
making this cabin kit the home of your dreams!

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