Real Estate Investing Made Easy

This course by Bruce M Firestone, PhD, together with Spirepoint’s Paul Blacquiere, is for people who are fed up with the stock market, mutual funds, tech bubbles, day trading, financial advisers, t-bills, savings account interest, life insurance and pretty much every other type of investing save and except real estate. Learn the basics and more through case study after case study and join wealthy families who have substantially all their wealth invested in real estate. It’s the one asset class that does not run away from you when the going gets tough…

Learn how to make money in real estate when you buy by following some simple rules—

  2. buy when everyone else is selling;
  3. buy what no one else is buying;
  4. buy before the bottom of the market;
  5. manage properly with no deferred maintenance;
  6. animate your properties—create amazing new revenue streams;
  7. refinance your property before the top of the market;
  8. pass your property on to your heirs in a tax efficient manner.

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Learn how to analyze investments correctly, how to finance them and make buying decisions when your heart, head and gut are all in alignment.

Course cost: $997 for a one payment plan, or $337 per month for three months,


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