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Oct 07

I’m going to be speaking at Maple
Leaf Gardens
in Toronto on
Saturday November 21st, 2015 at Realtopia, how to avoid eating cat food by providing for yourself and your family
via real estate investing.

If you are one of the 80% of Canadians and Americans who don’t have a defined benefit pension plan, if saving millions of dollars to provide for your sunset years just isn’t doable, if you are fed up with tech bubbles, fund and financial advisers as well as poor returns from mutual funds, GICs, t-bills, money market funds, bank savings account interest, bank fees, life insurance “investments”, the stock market, bonds, LIRAs, RRSPs, TFSAs, 401(k)s, IPPs, IRAs, option trades, day trading, precious metals, gold and other types of investing save and except your own small or medium sized enterprise, one you own and control, and real estate then you’ll want to come to Realtopia to learn how to provide for yourself and your family by growing an independent income through real estate.

What’s happening at Realtopia?

-we’ll show you how get rich via real estate investing

– we’ll show you how not to lose deals because you couldn’t get them
financed and closed

– we’ll show you how to get investors to back you, and how to
properly structure deals

– we’ll show you how to animate, differentiate and add unreal value
to your portfolio, even your own home

– we’ll show you how to find out about opportunities before everyone


“Prof Bruce taught me the skills I require to bring my real estate
investing to another level. His coaching has given me the confidence I need to
take on any challenge, including more complex ones and be successful,” Matthew
Maxsom, age 35, owner, 21 doors

For more information, please visit
or contact;
Don’t forget to get your ticket from event brite,


Bruce M
Firestone, B Eng (Civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD

Ottawa Senators founder and Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc

613.422.6757 x 250


making impossible

Postscript: ever
wonder how super-capable, highly productive people got that way? Well, one way
to speed up your personal development is to get yourself a personal coach, and
I know two of them, one of whom is my spouse, Dawn Firestone and the other is
Raymonde D’Amour; they are giving a workshop in Ottawa next month called: GPS Your Self—Find
your True North
. It’s on Saturday November 7th, 2015 starting at
8:30 am. GPS stands for Guided Personal Strategy.

you ever wanted to:

•             take stock of what is going on in
your life

•             set big goals for yourself

•             make choices that are aligned with
where you want to go

•             develop tools to help you achieve

•             build your legacy

is your chance!

To register, please visit

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