Dec 20

Cobden Ontario Gas Station Shows Animation can Show up


Who’d a thought that a petrol station in Cobden Ontario would be a fair example of animation? 

Here are a few photos I took last night on a remote location of what can only be described as a lamentable section of the trans-Canada highway. It’s hard to believe that a G7 nation would have such a pathetic excuse for a national road; even Crete has a (much) more functional national highway.

Anyway, this gas station has in addition to its pumps and tanks, a motel, a Subway franchise, a c-tore, a large (friendly) family restaurant, decent parking lot, well kept bathrooms the size of Gibraltar and excellent roadside signage. 

Their staff is also amazingly well motivated and communicative, even when strange men stop to ask noisy questions and take photos. 

What else could they add?

Maybe some leisure uses and a laundromat… 

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