Here’s where you find additional help from Firestone Institute-accredited real estate investment co-coaches. These are folks who have gone through an intensive 6-month training program (the FIRESTONE INSTITUTE CO-COACHING AND NINJA REAL ESTATE INVESTOR COURSE, ) that is (almost) as tough mentally as Navy Seal training is physically. Reach out to one in your community today or online via Zoom or Skype…

Rick is Mr Sympatico, a kinder more knowledgeable person you will not meet

Rick Rose, Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Investment Co-coach, Windsor Ontario

Rick is a Real Estate Broker currently residing in Windsor, Ontario. He is also a Real Estate Sales Coach, a Real Estate Investment Co-coach and a Business Coach. In his past, he has been a Paralegal, a Real Estate Appraiser, a Residential Real Estate Renovator and a Firefighter. Rick Rose 519-567-2350 (

Trish Taylor and Guillaume McMartin are an unbeatable team–enthusiastic, supportive with a good-heartedness that shines through in everything they do

Trish Taylor and Guillaume McMartin, Real Estate Investment Co-coaches, Burlington Ontario

Guillaume McMartin is a former Firefighter turned Philanthropic Investor, Social Entrepreneur, Sustainable Land Developer, Author and Speaker! He is a visionary that will help you find the HABU (highest and best use) of your time and property! If you need ideas to improve your life, Guillaume can help you create the life of your dreams through aligning your passions and skills to offer a service in line with your purpose!

Trish and Guillaume together are entrepreneurs, sustainable land developers, impact investors, health & spiritual coaches, public speakers, writers/authors, outside the box thinkers, and quirky parents to two equally quirky kids!

Trish and Guillaume are the Architects of Abundance, and are best known as Co-Founders of GT Global Prosperity and Awaken Your Wisdom events. They are entrepreneurs, developers, speakers and coaches who dedicate their lives to helping people find and share their passions and purpose so everyone can prosper doing what they love and help make the world a better place.

Trish is also an Integrative Health Coach who combines whole health practice, spiritual guidance and her knowledge of real estate and business to help you make the right decisions that will guide you to prosper in both your personal and business life.

Guillaume McMartin 819-918-6054 ( or Trish Taylor 905-220-1076 (

Meet Derian Tuitt, aka Mr Unstoppable, need we say any more?

Derian Tuitt, real estate investor, real estate investment co-coach, O-YES (one-year exit strategy) coach, Ottawa Ontario

Derian is a Certified Expert Speaker, Amazon Bestselling Author, Coach, Real Estate Expert and Professional Accountant. He goes by the moniker Mr Unstoppable due to his courage and knack of overcoming adverse circumstances. From being born in poverty to building a 7-figure real estate portfolio, Derian will leave you inspired, energized and feeling unstoppable. He is tenacious, resilient, persistent and powerful. He is also the creator of the One-Year Exit Strategy (O-YES), designed to help you replace your income so you can quit your job and still take care of your family without losing the shirt off your back. Derian is determined to make this world a better place for his granddaughter, Nadia.

“Working with Prof Bruce over the past nine months has taught me a lot about property animation, as well as other aspects of real estate I never even knew existed. I have been in the business for nearly a decade, but what Bruce Firestone taught me took me to a whole other level,” Derian Tuitt, real estate investor, real estate investment co-coach, O-YES (one year exit strategy) coach Derian Tuitt 613-291-4684 (

Eva (pronounced “Evah!”) O’Grady is someone you want to talk to about your goals, financial and otherwise–she’s careful and knows how to help you achieve financial independence via above-average real estate investing

Eva was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, to European immigrants and has naturally inherited a multi-cultural perspective in life. She has been involved in real estate investments for over 15-years and is a licensed real estate agent in Ontario, Canada. Eva has found that many people, including herself, have not properly prepared for retirement simply through pure lack of education in that area. Eva’s goal is to use her professional training, personal experience and passion for real estate and business to help others avoid this mistake. Having your plan, vision, goal … call it whatever you want … makes all the different in the world! Eva O’Grady 613-203-0548 (

Simon Case,  Real Estate Investment Co-Coach, Entrepreneur, Residential/Commercial Realtor, salesperson, proud step-father of four

Simon and his spouse, Stephanie Case, work together to relentlessly and carefully further the interests of their clients. Both are very detail oriented and really care about the work they do and the people they do it for… Simon is an Ottawa Native who used to work a traditional job in a corporate “assembly line” for much of his adult life. In 2011, he began working towards getting his Real Estate License, which he achieved in 2013. In the transition to Real Estate, Simon gained the knowledge and experience required to successfully guide people through what is often the biggest investment of their lives. Upon meeting and having the opportunity to work with Bruce Firestone in January of 2017, Simon has had the privilege of being a co-coach in not only Real Estate coaching, but business coaching in general. He has worked with Not-For Profit organizations, land developers, and entrepreneurs in all stages of growth. Simon is also currently part owner and Chief Operating Officer of two separate companies. In December of 2018,  Simon married his beautiful wife Stephanie and he currently is the step-father of four kids. Stephanie Case was born and raised in the Ottawa area. She has always shown a keen interest and understanding of Real Estate and the importance it can have in planning for retirement. Upon Simon becoming involved with Bruce Firestone and Real Estate coaching, Stephanie saw her opportunity to get involved and jumped in to train and become a co-coach. During 6-months of intensive training, Stephanie learned the fundamental pillars of being a successful coach and has acquired a level of understanding that is invaluable for any investor.  Stephanie is currently pursuing her Real Estate License and will work with Simon in Real Estate and Coaching. Stephanie and Simon together, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table to any investor or would-be investor. They are honest, approachable, hard working individuals who will help take your business, organization or Real Estate investment portfolio to the next level.

Stephanie Case, Co-Coach, training to be a realtor, practical, sympatico, detail-oriented, mother of four

For more information about becoming a co-coach, please contact:

Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD
Real Estate Investment and Business coach
ROYAL LePAGE Performance Realty broker
Ottawa Senators founder


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