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Group Coaching

Firestone Institute is the latest way for me to pass on my decades of knowledge and experience to the next generation of real estate investors, business people, and business coaches.  Interested in earning a very comfortable living as coach while you grow your own real estate investing portfolio?

Individual Coaching

Business Coaching  

Learn how create the right business model for your business, then scale it to the level of your dreams.  Learn from a master who's helped create more than $850 million in revenue for entrepreneurs like you. 

Real Estate Coaching

Earn independent income through real estate so you can provide for yourself and your family in retirement and for generations. Discover how to really finance property.  Buy and hold strategically using the Warren Buffet method.


​Life Coaching

The two best days in life are a) the day you are born and b) the day you figure out why.  Looking for your why?  Confused about your options or next steps? Let Dawn Firestone walk you through a tried and true process to get on track.

Coaching by Bruce Firestone

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Bruce Firestone, B Eng (civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD
Real Estate Investment and Business coach
ROYAL LePAGE Performance Realty broker
Ottawa Senators founder

Learn from someone who has actually been a successful developer, investor and real estate broker as well as Ottawa Senators founder plus has a PhD in urban economics.

If you are looking to get a new business off the ground, remember Prof Bruce has helped over 300 startups in his career so far. Prof Bruce can assist you with: business models, self-capitalization, finance, marketing, sales, sponsorships, corporate organization/structure, creditor proofing, and much more.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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What Others Are Saying About Prof Bruce's Coaching


Bruce Firestone’s keynote at the Growing Rural Tourism Conference in Camrose, Alberta was so inspirational and spellbinding that he almost sold me a campground in rural Ontario!

Rick Barr Barr Estate Winery, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Students still raving about your course

The students are still raving about your course, Startup DNA. They learned so much, and have made all the other Hyper Island students in Stockholm jealous (the ones who couldn't attend).

Daniel Beauchamp Digital Data Strategist Module Leader, Hyper Island, Stockholm, Sweden

Coaches like Bruce are your shortcut to success

I believe in mentors. If we all lived to be 300, then we wouldn’t need them—we could learn everything on our own. Coaches like Bruce are your shortcut to success—they are the least costly, highest ROI investment you will ever make.

Fab Di Franco Technology Executive

Bruce is a born teacher

I so enjoyed Prof Bruce’s presentation to our home-building group. Bruce is a born teacher, and I should know—I was one for many years. He’s very inspirational and extremely dynamic. I’d love for him to come to our area and show us how to animate our community and local economy.

Shannon McMullan Perivale Gallery, Manitoulin Island ON

Happily working for ourselves thanks to our coach!

Roy and I continue to grow our rental portfolio, Bruce. We are now at 16 units, which will soon be 20! The next two are semi-detached. This is keeping us both very busy. Conventional mortgages continue to be our main challenge, but we are happily working for ourselves thanks to our coach!

Tammy and Roy Both middle-aged and laid off by their former employer on the same day, two years earlier

Couldn't have achieved the same results without you!

I am so grateful for all your coaching throughout the last six months, Prof Bruce. It's been SO valuable. I am about to close on my first $2 million-plus real estate acquisition (a downtown retail plaza)—I couldn't have achieved the same results without you!

Kara Social Entrepreneur

Real-life examples and stories were a huge bonus

I’d like to thank you and for delivering such a great real estate course, which I enjoyed very much. I learned a lot, and the real-life examples and stories you shared with the class were a huge bonus.

Sam Balam Real estate entrepreneur

Inspiring, entertaining and educational

Bruce’s presentations are inspiring, entertaining and educational. He took the time to learn about our organization, our goals and exactly what we wanted to accomplish at our event. He created a fully customized deck for each keynote and we’ll certainly invite him back to address our group again.

George Tierney Marketing Services, Guildcrest Homes

Went above and beyond

Having Dr. Bruce Firestone at Bizfest was a huge success. I heard nothing but positive feedback from all our delegates. One delegate said she could have listened to him speak all day. His message is inspiring, and the delivery very relatable and down to earth. Bruce not only delivered but went above and beyond, offering to be available for an additional Q&A session, when one of my other presenters had to back out at the last minute. The fact that the Q&A session was packed, directly following his keynote speaks volumes to how much the delegates enjoyed and respected his message.

Amy Malyon Event Coordinator, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

Create wealth over the long term

Prof Bruce will show you, through his business and real estate investment coaching, how to create wealth over the long term as opposed to 'capture' it. There's a serious difference between the two (one is sustainable, the other is not).

Brian Dagenais Dagenais Properties and BlackSheep Developments founder

We are all lucky to have you in our lives

Bruce, you are truly an awesome person. Thank you for what you do for people like us—teaching us to be Firestone Institute co-coaches and giving us our own personal business models for success. We are all lucky to have you in our lives

Trish Taylor Co-Founder, GT Global Prosperity Inc

Exceptional stories and case studies

What made Bruce’s keynote really special was his charisma on stage; he can definitely charm a crowd. His content about entrepreneurship and the sense of humor in his presentation were awesome, but there’s really one thing that made it exceptional—his stories and case studies. They were powerful and motivational, especially the one on how he persevered in his battle to land an NHL team for Ottawa. That made me feel like I was capable of everything after his talk.

Cedric Meloche Founder, The Box Summit

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