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Dec 23

Solar Roadways

By Bruce Firestone | Real Estate , Urban Economics

This is a potential game changer for how cities are built, powered, animated, and experienced, especially for northern shelf urban areas: Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD, Ottawa Senators founder, Real Estate Investment and Business coach, Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc broker, 1-613-762-8884 MAKING IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE postscript: […]

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Dec 12

Inspections and due diligence

By Bruce Firestone | Real Estate

When you buy property, there is a long list of due diligence you need to do not least of which is to figure out what your ROI/cap rate/IRR are (via spreadsheet) and what types of animations (revenue enhancing renovations/additions) you can usefully add. It’s all part of establishing what the HABU (highest and best use) […]

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Dec 05

Housing shortage

By Bruce Firestone | Real Estate

[How to really address unaffordability in housing] Newsflash Human beings living in LA, San Francisco, London, Vancouver, Boston, Portland, Sydney, Seattle, Toronto, and many other places where home prices are surging have forgotten how to build homes and apartments. They’ve lost their hammers and saws. They are short of nails and screws. It’s a national, […]

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