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Jun 21

Age Discrimination

By Bruce Firestone | Life Coaching

I’ve written before that it’s a mistake in my view that many companies in North America these days push out employees over 50 (and, in tech, anyone over 40). These people are your time machine, your Wayback Machine (aka, internet archive) if you will. Plus, they know how to work hard, which means, basically, they […]

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Jun 04

How to give a better interview or be a better interviewer

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching , Life Coaching , Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing are about storytelling, true, but it’s also about improving your ability to communicate. A client of mine started his storytelling business–teaching enterprises how to do a better job at communicating their stories. His first step is interviewing clients using a two-way video tool like Zoom, which he records and uploads (unlisted) to […]

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Mar 10

People wanted for hazardous startup

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching , Entrepreneurship , Life Coaching , Sales & Marketing

According to podcaster Mark Leruste, Ernest Shackleton’s famous recruitment ad for his 1914 Endurance expedition to Antarctica could be a useful stand-in today for anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, Here’s that ad, which it is believed first ran in the London Times (although that is far from certain, Men wanted for hazardous […]

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Feb 24

Is there an alternative to going broke after your pro sports career is over?

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching , Entrepreneurship , Finance , Investing , Life Coaching , Real Estate , Real Estate Investment Coaching , Sports & Entertainment

Ever wonder why, according to Sports Illustrated, nearly 80% of former NFL players go broke within three years of leaving the league? Not to mention other high net worth people like successful actors or busy executives and entrepreneurs experiencing financial problems as they age. According to superstar player agent Leigh Steinberg, there are five main […]

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