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Apr 15

Stupid Zoning Rules

By Bruce Firestone | Architecture , Business Coaching , Business Models , Design , Entrepreneurship , Finance , Ideas , Investing , Real Estate , Real Estate Investment Coaching , Urban Economics

Here’s an excerpt from a book I wrote (Jenna’s Story, in which Jenna McConnell launches into a diatribe on how stupid zoning regulations help the top .01% (which she calls “Big Mules” or “Equity Lords”) control almost all the levers of political and economic power. Jenna is from South Carolina and proudly speaks like […]

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Apr 09

Who needs a basement or sideyard apartment or a backyard coach house?

By Bruce Firestone | Architecture , Design , Finance , Ideas , Real Estate , Real Estate Investment Coaching , Sales & Marketing , Urban Economics

If you talk to many developers like I do, the answer to this question is often, “No one” or “Not many.” I disagree. Market segments which need the extra income or space include: -seniors who need extra income for their retirement-millennials who need extra income to help pay their mortgages -investors who need higher cap […]

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