Canadian Investment Options

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May 30

What are some investment alternatives for Canadians? In no particular order, here are a few. Knowing what is right for you is non trivial and requires work by you and a trusted advisor.






Term Deposit

Savings Account

Term Life Insurance

Life Insurance

IPP, Independent Pension Plan

Corporate or government Pension Plan

Own business

Own home or condo

Rental property


Gold/precious metals





Mutual Fund

Stock index

None of the above have worked for me except real estate (land, my own home and rental property) and owning my own businesses. Maybe I am a terrible stock picker (true), I have had poor advisors choosing mutual funds for me (true), collectibles are too hard  or too costly to trade (true) or I don’t have a government or corporate pension plan (also sadly true).

-40% of Canadians counting on inheritance for their retirement

-34% hope for lottery win

-28% expect financial assistance from children

Bank of Montreal survey November 2013

I’m on my own like about 80% of other Canadians.

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So if you are not counting on divine (or other) intervention to save you and you are fed up with the stock market, mutual funds, tech bubbles, option trades, day trading, fund and financial advisors, GICs, t-bills, money market funds, savings account interest, bank fees, life insurance investments and other types of investing save and except your own small or medium sized enterprise, one you own and control, and real estate, read two mini books by Bruce Firestone on real estate investing.

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