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Bruce M Firestone, PhD, to Speak at this Year’s InvestorForum in Toronto

Come hear an incredible line of speakers at this year’s InvestorForum in Toronto, March 28th and 29th, 2015, at the Toronto International Centre. The full program is at https://toronto.theinvestorforum.ca/index.php/agenda and you can register at https://toronto.theinvestorforum.ca/index.php/2-uncategorised/37-pricing

Prof Bruce is giving the opening keynote March 28th at 0930. In his speech entitled Tired of Poor Returns, Bruce shares some amazing secrets about how real estate is becoming the vehicle of choice for more people without defined benefit pension plans to provide independence for themselves and their families during their working lives, and after retirement.

If you can’t come to Toronto, you can do the next best thing and invest $9.95 to get a copy of his Real Estate Handbook from https://www.brucemfirestone.com/real-estate-handbook/.

From his keynote speech, you will learn—

□   Real estate as retirement strategy
□   Adding differentiated value to your portfolio to create new revenue streams/raise revenues
□   Non traditional sources of real estate financing—bootstrapping your real estate business
□   Where and how to find investors
□   How and why you should get involved in commercial real estate
□   New marketing via social media—earning people’s interest instead of buying it

If you are like most people who are not in the top 1%, don’t have a government-funded, defined benefit pension plan, and are fed up with poor returns on GICs, t-bills, savings bonds, RRSPs, mutual funds, savings accounts, CDs, TFSAs, IPPs, 401(k)s, IRAs, LIRAs, RIFs and life insurance, Prof Bruce will show you how to implement real estate strategies that really work.

Have a look at the results from this precious metals fund over ten years. Not very impressive is it?


That’s why Bruce’s spouse has him carry around a message to self that reads (3 times)–


Every time he thinks about investing in hockey teams, tech companies, mutual funds, stocks, GICs, and so forth, she asks him to fetch it from his briefcase and read it aloud.

One of Bruce’s favorite quotes is—

“To live through an impossible situation, you don’t need the reflexes of a Grand Prix driver, the muscles of a Hercules, the mind of an Einstein. You simply need to know what to do,” Anthony Greenbank, from The Book of Survival.

Bruce knows what to do and he’ll share it with you when he gives his keynote at this upcoming event.

His current motto is, “Making Impossible Possible”. Follow him on twitter @profbruce.

More about Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (Civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD, Ottawa Senators founder and ROYAL LePAGE Performance Realty broker.


Bruce is a Canadian legend who founded the modern era Ottawa Senators and their home arena, Canadian Tire Centre, at a
time when Canada was losing NHL teams in Quebec and Winnipeg. Bruce is known as
a real estate developer, broker, hockey executive, professor, entrepreneur,
urbanist, author, coach, mentor, consultant and keynote speaker for
organizations and institutions with a positive focus on creating new
opportunities for their stakeholder group.

For more information, please contact Ms Nina Brooks, EA, ninabrooks @ rogers.com.

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About the Author

Bruce is an entrepreneur/real estate broker/developer/coach/urban guru/keynote speaker/Sens founder/novelist/columnist/peerless husband/dad.