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Bruce M Firestone Keynote Speaker

“Having Dr Bruce M Firestone at was a huge success. I heard nothing but positive feedback from all our delegates. One delegate even said she would have listened to him speak all day. His message was inspiring and the delivery very relatable and down to earth. Prof Bruce not only delivered but went above and beyond, offering to be available for an additional Q&A session, when one of my other presenters had to back out at the last minute. The fact that the Q&A session was packed, directly following his keynote speaks volumes to how much delegates enjoyed and respected his message,” Amy Malyon, Event Coordinator, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, October 2013.

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“I have been to many presentations about many different topics but what kept me interested in Prof Bruce’s SS Networking keynote—how to make a great elevator pitch—were his stories. Having been in sales for a few years, the one thing I have found is that people will listen to a story but not to a sales pitch. I felt Bruce’s presentation was “real”; he backed up everything with a story. I have often found myself listening to other people talk and silently asking myself the question, “OK, but how do you know this works?” I also like how Bruce made it very clear that if you can’t figure who you are and where you come from, you can’t move forward or improve. I found that to be totally true early in my life. Prof Bruce was definitely the highlight of the afternoon,” Keith McGibbon, Director of Business Development

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“Prof Bruce was an exceptional speaker and a huge hit with all our students and corporate delegates. His keynote at the 2013 Deloitte Energize Your Future Conference was informative and very interesting. All attendees were enthusiastic about meeting him and hearing his story,” Business Students Association, University of Alberta School of Business, Edmonton, September 2013.

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Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (Civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD

Founder, Ottawa Senators; Executive Director,; author, Quantum Entity Trilogy, Entrepreneurs Handbook II, Real Estate Investing Made Easy; Real Estate Broker, Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc

Bruce M Firestone is best known as a professor, entrepreneur, urbanist, developer and founder of NHL hockey team, the Ottawa Senators and their home arena, Canadian Tire Centre, as well as author, coach, consultant and mentor as well as keynote speaker for organizations with a positive focus on creating new opportunities for their stakeholder group.

Bruce got his start in his 20s with just $10,000 for a downpayment and a yard of guts which he invested in a faltering business that he turned into a commercial real estate empire; this became the foundation for a successful bid to bring the National Hockey League back to Ottawa after a nearly 60-year hiatus. He put it all on the line, risking tens of millions of dollars, to bring the Senators back to Ottawa. It became a high tension, multi-faceted endeavour with all the suspense of a Borgia series, with competing cities and political interests aligned against his team’s bid. Their resulting success changed the City and brought a sense of pride to all of Canada at a time when the country was already going through another tough recession and had lost two existing NHL teams, in Quebec and Winnipeg.

A popular speaker to audiences of business people, students, entrepreneurs, business improvement associations, chambers of commerce and economic development agencies, Bruce has great stories to tell and lessons learned about perseverance and vision to impart that will inspire. Bruce talks about how it doesn’t take many entrepreneurs to change a city or town and how bootstrapped entrepreneurs are an important part of shaping a sustainable future for communities across the planet.

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“In addition to being very knowledgeable about how to create sustainable villages, towns, cities, counties and regions, Bruce is highly inspiring and engaging. It’s a delight to watch him in action,”

Susan J Anglin, MBA, business consultant and property developer

“Bruce Firestone hardly needs an introduction, let alone a recommendation, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve one. Anyone who spends a couple of minutes with him will be captivated by his speaking abilities combined with his in-depth knowledge in real estate, entrepreneurship among other topics. What is so admirable about Bruce is that when he decides to take on a challenge, he immerses himself in it and doesn’t give up until he masters it. Anything from personal to professional accomplishments he puts 110% in. Although he considers himself semi-retired, he gives back more to the community than many others who are dedicated full time to that cause. It’s a pleasure to work alongside Bruce on many initiatives—personal, professional and charitable and I look forward to continuing to helping him in his ongoing efforts to make a difference in this world,”

Brent Mondoux, CEO at N-VisionIT Interactive

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Bruce is an entrepreneur/real estate broker/developer/coach/urban guru/keynote speaker/Sens founder/novelist/columnist/peerless husband/dad.