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Dec 31

offered by Bruce M Firestone include:

A. Advanced Real Estate* 
B. Advanced Sponsorship* 
C. Advanced Design Economics** 
D. Advanced Business Models*# 
E. Advanced Product Management**#


3000—3rd and 4th year university equivalents
** 4000- 4th year university equivalent
# 5000—Masters level

offered through Institute
of Entrepreneurs include:

WS1001 Perfect Pitch – How to Create and Give the Perfect Elevator Pitch
B. WS1002 Differentiated Value – How to Add Differentiated Value to your Biz
C. WS1003 Value Proposition – Distilling the Essence of your Enterprise
D. WS1004 Turn Selling into Buying – Get on the Same Side of the Table as your
E. WS1005 Banking for SMEEs – How to Create Value through Banking Relationship
F. WS1006 Startup Legals – What You Need to Know When Starting a new Enterprise
G. WS1007 Accounting – How to Keep your Books so You Keep More of your Money
H. WS1008 Building a Presence on the Internet and Mobile Web – Effective,
Inexpensive Techniques to Build a Digital Community
I. WS2001 Advanced Spreadsheet Use – Internal Rates of Return and More
J. WS2002 Leverage – Building Leverage into your Biz Model
K. WS2003 Cash Conversion Cycle – Collect Early/Pay Late or Cash is King/Queen
L. WS2004 Media Release – How to Write a Press Release/Get Earned Media
M. WS3100 Entrepreneurialist Culture – How to Bootstrap Yourself to Success in
the 21st Century
N. WS3200 Self Capitalization of the Self-Funded New Enterprise
O. WS3300 Guerrilla Marketing and Social Media—Substituting Brains for Money in
the Marketing Wars
P. WS3400 Negative Cost Selling – Turn Selling Into Buying
Q. WS3500 Launch Clients and Market Channel Development—Getting in Touch with
Clients, Early and Often
R. WS3001 Internet Age – Things you can do for the First Time Ever Because of
the Internet
S. WS3002 Community – If you Build a Community, You’ll Get the Money
T. WS3003 Advanced Business Model – Building the Biz Model so the Harder you
Work, the More Money you Make
U. WS3004 Laws of Power Selling – ‘Just Win, Baby,’ Al Davis
V. WS4001 Personal Business for Life – Creating the Ultimate Fallback Position
for Yourself
W. WS4002 Creditor Proofing – Structure to Last

workshops are available by request]

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