Oct 15

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Breaking the sound barrier is never a good idea, at least if you are over a city or town. That’s why the Concorde was restricted to exceeding the speed of sound  over the ocean only; otherwise, buildings would look like the above, their windows broken by  sonic thunder.

In the new TV series, The Flash, a co-worker tells our hero he’s impressed with his speed–a mile in 4 seconds. The Flash responds, “Ah, actually, I can do it in 3.”

Now a mile in 3 seconds implies a speed of 20 miles per minute or 1,200 mph. The speed of sound? At sea level, it’s 761.207051 miles per hour.

So with apologies to writer/producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, Central City will be a wreck of a place by, ah, episode 3 or 4.

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