Bootstrap your Local Economy, how a few entrepreneurs can reshape a community

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Jan 17

Keynote By Bruce M Firestone, PhD


If your economic development program depends on senior levels of government giving your town or county funding on a continuing basis, well good luck with that. In his keynote speech, Bruce M Firestone, PhD shows how you can create sustainable development via programs that have little or no cost or better yet, a negative cost.


Firestone explains five essential steps—one, how to keep your most valuable resource in your community—your children, two, how to attract and encourage entrepreneurs to not only work in your county but also live there, three, how leisure is becoming the new infrastructure, four, how to build a unique brand for your region, and five, how to reverse the decline of your town using a host of urban catalysts.

“You wowed the crowd, Bruce! Everyone wants me to bring you back to speak in the future! Thanks for making me look like a rock star for bringing you to the Bay!” Kristen Oliver, Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association executive director, Thunder Bay September 2014

Too many cities, towns and villages have all shared this experience—foreign companies setting up only to run off at the first sign of trouble. Entrepreneurs who live in the community and share its values won’t do that. So learn how to make your region one where people of all ages want to stay.

Bruce draws on his experience as an urban designer, developer, entertainment executive (he is the founder of the modern age Ottawa Senators and Canadian Tire Centre), professor, startup coach and real estate guru as well as case studies compiled from his work in Australia, Canada, the US, Crete, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India and other nations to lay out a vision that proves—

“Nothing is sustainable unless it’s also economically sustainable,” Bruce M Firestone


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