How many bad decisions can one city make? Apparently lots. @ProfBruce @Quantum_Entity
Cover art for books 1 and 2 of Quantum Entity Trilogy. Cover design by EyeVero Marketing Communications Group. Image of
Real social commerce is on display at Silver Spring Farm in Canada in July 2013. The farm is run by
The women who have had the most influence on my life.
You are an entrepreneur. You are tired of paying rent for the space you need for your biz. You look
In book 3 of the Quantum Entity Trilogy (The Successors), we meet (spoiler alert) the Quanta people, a blending of
My worry doll, Miss Buril. Here’s the story,
[youtube] Here are six scenes from book 1 (we are all ONE) of Bruce M Firestone’s Quantum Entity Trilogy. This
[youtube] Nina and Magellan (whom she nicknames Ian) have a passionate love affair and they are the glue around
Meet Nina, the glue that holds Quantum Entity | The Successors together. Nina, a motocross racing, guitar-playing, rave attending, church-going,
So you think you are or can be an entrepreneur. Really? Most people are entremanures or have JOBs (Journey of
A long time ago, the Chair of the NCC (National Capital Commission) in response to a question from me asked,
Prof Bruce in Stockholm next to Monumental Tower.
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