Gaining perspective and becoming more creative
I actually don’t like going away but, when I do, I find that things which were complicated suddenly aren’t. Here’s
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bruce portrait
Want to become a Prof Bruce co-coach and earn a decent living?
I’m giving a free webinar on Wednesday August 8th starting at noon ET. I’m going to teach a limited number
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Don’t know anything about business?
Don’t worry. Your customers and clients will teach you all you have to know, says Horse Country Campground founder Walter
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How to really sell
Best Buy, according to most prognosticators, should be dead by now… bulldozed by Amazon, but it’s not. How did they
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10 reasons I hate Australia’s Best Home
I have to admit to feeling a teeny stab of jealousy as I watched “I own Australia’s best home” season
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Why are so many millennials failing
Why are so many millennials failing in a hot economy? I can’t be sure but since I have five kids
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Why private sales suck
Why do private sales often suck? Well, here’s an email I received from a client of mine (a significant and
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Time and Effort Needed for Success
Real estate is get rich slow. Folks don’t like that word: Slow. They often look for shortcuts instead. However, there
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How to get elected to… anything
A friend of mine is thinking of running for city council. He asked me what the steps are to launching
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When is a good time to ask for a raise?
  When one of the courses (Design Economics) I taught at the School of Architecture (now the Azrieli School of
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Life is work, work is life
Writing poetry and songwriting (a type of poetry) is, in my view, the hardest kind of script to create, which
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If you wants the money, you gots to be funny
Here’re a few pointers on how to deliver a great keynote speech… -start on time -finish on time -start fast
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Most powerful sales tool ever discovered
Here’s a sketch I drew yesterday for a young client of mine—Jordan Sweeney—who is wondering how he is going to
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Town races to be everything it can be
I talk a lot about animating buildings by finding clever ways to add new revenue streams. Here's an example of
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Life Sentence
What is the proper role of a CEO or founder? In my experience, s/he needs to take responsibility for just
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