Take this COACHABILITY QUIZ to find out—are you ready, willing and able to be coached: 1. I have time to
Why it's such an uneven playing field when it comes to mortgage financing I have a client who signed a
Here's how I learned to do that from my spouse... There are some benefits to getting older. You tend to
Terrace Real Estate Group, operating under Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc, is a team of highly experienced and creative real
Mr Francey interviews Bruce M Firestone on Patrick's everyday millionaire podcast: https://theeverydaymillionaire.ca/episode82-bruce-firestone-making-impossible-possible/ -how to find your why -if you want
A million-dollar TFSA, https://business.financialpost.com/personal-finance/taxes/the-road-to-the-million-dollar-tfsa-is-getting-shorter-for-millennials, sounds great except I'm not 100% convinced about these assumptions: a) earning 4.7% yearly, compounding annually,
I spoke with my friend Victor Menasce about the Ottawa Senators, the NHL, real estate investment and more on his
There are some benefits to getting older. You tend to have more patience and perspective; you tend to make better
I usually don't really like rent-to-own (R2O) models either from an investor's POV (point of view) or from a client's
[Excerpt from soon-to-be-published Gadgets and Gizmos, Bruce M Firestone, 2020] How could you give workers in the fast food industry
[The problem with low appraisals] I am frustrated that Canadian real estate entrepreneurs have so few options when it comes
I coach some fantastic entrepreneurs in the US, Canada and elsewhere. However, there is an experience common to entrepreneurs the
The story of Tamworth, a small town in Ontario "Animation" is a term I use to describe ways of adding
[Another GaVinci Report by Corey Oliver] Pivot – in the business world it means to shift. To move to Plan
Substantial completion (aka, substantial performance) in real estate is usually defined this way: When approximately 97% of work outlined in
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