Or what to do with underused parking lots and golf courses... OK, I'll admit it. I am a bad (actually
Traveling without moving, a new approach to downsizing Most realtors tell a person who is thinking of, say, downsizing, to
I woke up on the Easter long weekend thinking I could help people become successful entrepreneurs by offering a new
for LANDLORDS, INVESTORS (AND TENANTS) Here is a webinar in which Bruce M Firestone, PhD, and host Dave Dubeau talk
Teach your children the power of positive and negative numbers by playing a terrific game called "Bananas" with them. It's
Turn Yourself into a Gigpreneur… start your own business in just 3-months with practically no money down YES, I want
[A version of this article first appeared in Ottawa Business Journal] Since the dawn of the industrial age in the
Then stop fooling around and reach out for some help from coach Dawn Macmillan Firestone, ACC, CPCC, President, International Coaching
A client of mine has a rental apartment leased out to three young people (all servers) who lost their jobs
I recently wrote to a senior planner at the city of Ottawa on this topic. Here's what I said: Marina
Here is a 10-minute video I put together on: How to protect yourself, your biz and your real estate holdings
Over 2,000 have signed up for this free webinar on March 24 at 7 pm ET: How to protect yourself,
Coach Dawn Macmillan Firestone offers a free guided autobiography (GAB) course for individuals who are suffering/recovering from cancer.   There will
The barndominium We live in what is fast becoming more and more of a gig economy. If you are a
Before you start coaching with Prof Bruce and his group, you should do some homework! First, have you answered our
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