Apr 26

Animating Office Buildings

Here is a photoset of an office complex (the Mallorn Centre and Royal Bank Pavilion) I built in the 1980s. 

I must say (immodestly) that even then we were trying out some animation techniques including:

-adding density by adding a parking deck (at the north end of the site)

-sign, sign everywhere a sign

-adding an atrium cum feature stair cum floating deck to increase what is now called collisionable hours and decrease elevator use and waistlines

-differentiating space–practically no two offices are identical

-adding portals (even lower level spaces have their own “front entries” to the outside, piercing the skin of the building with windows and doors)

-adding underground parking beneath the Royal Bank Pavilion, actually in the setback thereby increasing buildable yield via “virtual” ie, subterranean space

-making second floor walk up offices more valuable by giving them ground floor front doors and skylight lit stairways

-making entrances as easy to identify as doorknobs as you walk or drive by

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