Americans have no trouble thinking BIG

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Jun 25

A client of mine found this podcast about WeWork. I got around to listening to it
today as I did some yoga…

It’s worth
listening to not really because of the details it provides about the inner workings of WeWork (which is mostly absent from the interview) but because it gives you some idea
how these two young people (architect Miguel McKelvey and his friend Adam Neumann) dared to dream and dream BIG,

have no problem dreaming BIG. They can also really execute, market and sell plus gather incredible amounts of financial support…

I mean do
you know many Canucks, Euros or Africans who would care to try to create Uber,
Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Airbnb, Google, Tesla, SpaceX, Dropbox or for that matter WeWork, now worth about $16 or $17

That’s the challenge (as a coach) I face every week–how to get the folks I mentor to raise their sights.

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