Amazing but true: America is only four presidents’ lives old

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Mar 12

Or so says the Washington Post. Here’s how it works–

“When President Obama was born (1961), President Herbert Hoover was still
alive (1874-1964). When Hoover was born, President Andrew Johnson
(1808-1875) was still alive. When President Johnson was born, President
John Adams (1735-1826) was still alive. And just like that, we’ve
connected present day to the Founding Fathers.”

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In a novel I wrote (Quantum Entity: we are all ONE,, I used a similar theme this way–

had told her how, as late as the early part of the 21st century,
there were still “kids” around who could say that their daddies had fought in
the Civil War between the states. Ellen couldn’t see how this was
possible. Apparently it was.

If a guy who was, say, 16, Damien told her,
fought in the last year of that war (1865) and married at 70 (as some of them
did) a much younger woman (which they also often did), they could have had a
kid as late as, say, (his) age 80, which would make the year 1929. So, by 2001,
that kid would be only 72.

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