Airbnb here to stay

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Jul 18

In case you are wondering if airbnb is here to stay, read this brief report by Business Insider on the company

Company: Airbnb


Brian Chesky

Synopsis: Airbnb became one of the most valuable startups in the world in December (2015) after securing a massive $1.5 billion funding round, raising its valuation to $25.5 billion. But that’s not enough for the billionaire founders’ ambitious international expansion plan; they are now seeking a new round of funding that would raise Airbnb’s valuation to $30 billion, triple what it was just two years ago. 

The room-renting company has listings in 191 countries and projects that 129 million nights will be booked by year’s end.

There is just one thing stopping Airbnb from further growth: government roadblocks. In early June, for instance, the city of San Francisco backed Airbnb into a corner, requiring that the company list only properties that are registered with the city. Airbnb has sued the city to protect its renters (hosts, ed) who rely on their Airbnb income.

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