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Jan 02

By Bruce M Firestone, Author,
Quantum Entity Trilogy

Come Sunday Sept. 30, 2012 at 3 pm
to support Collected Works,
an Ottawa
independent bookstore, and Bruce M Firestone as he reads from Book 1 of his new
trilogy, Quantum Entity. Collected Works is at 1242 Wellington Street West, Ottawa.
Their telephone number is 613-722-1265. You can email Alex Wolfe for more info,
awolfe @ exploriem.org or @connect with us via Twitter: @alexwolfe12 or

“After reading Part I,
Discovery, I was totally hooked. It’s better than ‘The Goal’ and more
entertaining even than ‘Dune’!” David Perry, Partner, Perry-Martel
International, Co-author, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0

Sunday, we’ll talk about writing and publishing in a new world where old line
publishers are fading away and then discuss the future of business, politics,
law, sci-fi, action/adventure and romance! It’ll be fun, promise.

For $20, you get
tea/coffee/cookies, a reading by Prof Bruce, great conversation and an
autographed copy of Quantum Entity | we are all ONE.

today are craving authentic experiences and business models are changing. Can
an independent bookstore like Collected Works survive under an onslaught from
mega stores and vast download sites?

“Quantum Entity is a story
about love and life’s lessons. It’s about growing up, trust, passion, business,
entrepreneurship, finance, history, science, action, adventure… my list goes
on. The detail captivated me throughout the novel but it was the ongoing
mysteries that excited me for what’s next,” Theresia Scholtes, @tclscholtes

can as long as Collected Works brings some differentiated value to its platform
in the form of staff who knowledgeably curate books for their audience, serve
great coffee and cookies and hold unique events there.

“I enjoyed Book 1 immensely. I
felt as if I was in the middle of an Isaac Asinov world again. Great job!”
Steve Gordon, President, Regional Group of Companies

come on over on Sunday at 3 pm and support CW and Prof Bruce.


here is the Foreword to Quantum Entity | we are all ONE, Book 1 of the new

young Damien Bell, physicist and engineer, and his business partner, the
fabulous Ellen Brooks unleash Damien’s twin creations, a new artificial
life-form he calls Quantum Counterparts and she calls Quantum Entities—because
she believes they may in fact be sentient beings—and the Quantum phone, their
delivery system for Quantum Counterparts, they revolutionize communications and
search industries in their mid 21st century world.

and Ellen and their new company, Quantum Computing Corp, introduce the era of
quantum economics, a condition where scarcity is a thing of the past. Together
they build a great new globe-spanning, ultra-fast growing tech enterprise that
somehow gets away from them.

is distracted from his scientific and startup work by performance artist and
world superstar, Miss Nell, whom he first meets at Nuit Blanche in Toronto.

adventures take them to Four Corners and a mystical place called Third Mesa in
Arizona, Boise and the Salmon River in Idaho, Phantom Ranch at the bottom of
the Grand Canyon, Palos Verdes, California, the Big Smoke (Toronto), San Pedro
Town and Marco Gonzalez on Ambergris Caye in Belize, then Boston, New York
City, Washington DC, Langley Air Force Base, San Quentin State Prison and
finally San Francisco where their group will, of necessity, transform itself into
the largest protest movement the US has seen in almost 90 years.

does it take to start, build and then defend a great new enterprise? How do you
extend human rights to a new non-human life-form when such rights barely apply
to people in these troubled days of the Republic, a time when the United States
has fallen from first among nations to third after Imperial China and the
European Union, with the AU (African Union) closing in on them fast?

they come into conflict with entrenched business and political interests. Are
Quantum Entities truly friends to human beings or are they, as the US
Government maintains, a threat to national security?

“Congratulations on Book 1. The
trilogy is very original and enjoyable!” Michael Cowpland, ceo, Zim Corporation

Bruce M. Firestone, Founder, Ottawa Senators; Author, Quantum Entity Trilogy;
Executive Director, Exploriem.org; Broker, Century 21 Explorer Realty;
Entrepreneurship Ambassador, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa.

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