5 essential characteristics of someone investors trust

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Oct 10

I wrote a testimonial


for a young person I coach whose projects have attracted millions of dollars of investor and lender support.

Brenden (not his real name) exhibits five key characteristics that stakeholders generally look for before investing their hard-earned cash and scarce time in projects and people.

Of those two elements–project and person–by far the more important decision-making factor is the quality of the person…

Here’s what I wrote:

“I have known Brenden for a number of years, and of
all the real estate investors, managers and owners I have coached, I recognize
in him five essential qualities—

1) the ability to learn, adapt and change as
real estate markets evolve, 

2) knowing what to buy, how to buy and how to
finance it, 

3) being a careful and adept property manager who not only understands
how to save a dollar but how to make an extra dollar as well, 

4) understanding
how to properly analyze and evaluate investments in real estate so that when a property
is purchased, it’s because heart, head and gut are all in alignment, and lastly 

5) being a trustworthy person who puts the interests of his clients, suppliers,
partners, investors and other stakeholders above his own,” 

Bruce M Firestone,
PhD, Ottawa Senators founder, Century 21 Explorer Realty broker, real estate
investment and business coach, October 2017

If you would like to attract investor and lender interest, these are the personal qualities you will need to exhibit, and of all of them– the last one, “trust” is the most important.

Ever buy anything from someone you didn’t like and didn’t trust?

Sure you have, but only once.

Prof Bruce

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