3 Ways To Boost Cap Rates And Increase Property Value

By Bruce Firestone | Uncategorized

Apr 07

by Prof Bruce

“Animating” is a big word in my vocabulary these days – making properties and neighborhoods…

  • ‘Livelier’
  • More exciting, and
  • Adding differentiated value

All of which can boost cap rates substantially and improve the surrounding economy.

How to create sustainable local economies is something I am passionate about, and something that I speak about not only in Canada but other nations as well.

The challenge is the same whether you live in rural Saskatchewan or on the Greek island of Crete—how to keep your most valuable resource—your children—at home or get them to return?

The answer is the same all over—nothing is sustainable unless it’s also economically sustainable.

Maybe your kids prefer the bright lights of the city at age 22, but before they’re 30, they’ll be thinking of having their own progeny…

And your town, village, township or county will start looking a lot more attractive, especially if there is an economic opportunity for them to come back to.

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