15 signs you are working with a great coach

By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching

May 17

Here are 15 signs you are working with a great coach:

  1. You are more focused because you have learned to use the word “no” a lot more; you feel less stressed and overwhelmed
  2. You are more productive, and your financial situation is more stable and sustainable
  3. You’re crystal clear on what really matters to you; you have a certainty about you that other start to recognize—they have more confidence in you
  4. You have direction in your personal life and in your profession or business
  5. You play more to your strengths and your skills and, hence, you are more successful
  6. You feel more connected to yourself, your family, your community and others
  7. You understand the importance of taking action to change your life
  8. You follow through and get things done—you’ve embraced TPO (touch paper once), that is, you start and finish things, each and every time
  9. You’re no longer scared or ruled by your private saboteur—your inner voice is whispering positives instead of negatives—you believe more in yourself
  10. You worry less about things you have no control over and concentrate more on things where you do exercise control; you constantly challenge pre-conceived limits and notions
  11. You are full of creativity and optimism and you audaciously go for what you want out of your life
  12. You feel more comfortable letting other people see the real you and being held accountable for your actions and inactions
  13. You only surround yourself with people you like and trust; you have access to the specialized knowledge, fresh eyes and validation from your coach and others s/he has introduced you to—you have access to more resources as well as connections
  14. You have found your “why” so you get more out of your life and are truly thankful for the things you have, the things you have learned and the people who are part of your life
  15. You have a better mental map of the way the world works so you understand your place in it and thus are happier and more at peace with yourself and others



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