12 Reasons Why You Never Want to Work From Home

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Jan 01

And 16 Reasons Why You Should
Come Bunk In at a coworking space. 

12 reasons why working from
home sucks–

Separate home and work-save your sanity. You’ll have time to decompress between
leaving your office and arriving home to your family.
2. In an office, you have people to bounce ideas off of. There’s a lot more
synergy amongst your team members.
3. Have somewhere to meet a client that isn’t your bedroom or your Mom’s
4. Someone is always there to accept parcels, nothing gets ‘sent back’.
5. Stay on good terms with your neighbours; they don’t have to put up with more
traffic in your residential area, which means you get to borrow a cup of sugar
whenever you want.
6. You’ll have access to better services, office equipment including smart
7. Having an office to base your business out of creates a more professional
8. By working in a shared office space, you can share costs for reception,
staffing, meeting rooms, boardrooms, server room, utilities, Internet, wi-fi,
9. You’ll find yourself to be more productive, as there are fewer distractions
and interruptions from family and no ‘honey-do’ lists.
10. You’re also likely to shed a few pounds since raiding the fridge is no
longer an easy option.
11. No more sleeping in; keep in mind the importance of having a routine.
12. Working from home means less recurring contact with others, so with an
office, you’ll feel less isolated. Your social skills improve. You are also
more likely to get promoted since ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

And 16 Reasons Why You’ll Want
to Bunk in at a coworking space

what you receive for $300* per month (plus $50* per month contributed to
reception, furniture and common facilities like meeting rooms, boardrooms,
Internet and wi-fi costs, utilities, property taxes and building operating
costs and cleaning plus administration, maintenance, mail handling, access to

Assigned Workstation and Chair

Conveniently located off the Queensway (HWY-417) at Pinecrest/Greenbank Exit
3· Basic reception services and access to printer/scanner/copier/fax
4· Shared meeting room and boardroom access | 6 hours per month

5· Access to SMARTboard and SmartTV
6· Internet access (wired and WIFI)
7· Heating, air conditioning, electricity, building maintenance and operating
costs, realty taxes included
8· Secure pass card access to office suite/24/7 access
9· Affordable indoor parking and free outdoor
10· Incoming and Outgoing Mailing Services
11· Access to Exploriem Partner’s business service discounts
12· Access to Exploriem Entrepreneur Network Community and Monthly Newsletter
13· Discounts to workshops/events
14· Access to kitchen/lounge, private bathroom and shower

Insurance on licensed area only, NOT contents
16. Mix and meet high energy entrepreneurs– people you can bounce ideas off of,
collaborate with and be inspired by and, in turn, inspire.




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