10 Principles of Conservation Subdivision Design

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Nov 22

imageold subdivision design v new conservation subdivision design

  1. Retain in perpetuity key natural environmental features like orchards, farmland, wetlands, rock outcroppings, ponds, landscape vistas, rural character of communities
  2. Develop plans that take into account natural features as well as property elevations and settle onto the lands respecting those parameters
  3. Link with neighboring properties including connectivity of roadways, pathways and wildlife corridors/no fencing other than safety fencing
  4. Create live-work-play-shop-learn-grow environments and achieve high walkability score, https://www.walkscore.com/
  5. Embrace flex housing, which includes the following elements—granny flats, in-home apartments but also work-from-home suites, http://profbruce.tumblr.com/post/97802907994/flex-homes
  6. Develop visitable housing that allows elders to remain in their community, http://profbruce.tumblr.com/post/91970858789/visitable-home
  7. Provide a mix of housing that allows for multi-generational living as well as for persons from different socio-economic classes to mix together and learn from each other; no gated communities
  8. Provide local shopping, farm-gate marketing, sharing economy, micro business and personal business for life, http://www.eqjournal.org/?p=421
  9. Embrace neo-urbanist principles http://www.eqjournal.org/?p=2449 and highest and best use rationale http://www.eqjournal.org/?p=2155;
  10. Create opportunity for greater intensity and density of land use to conserve more land in its natural state and make better use of both infrastructure and the built form

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