10 Commandments for Cities

By Bruce Firestone | Real Estate

Nov 13

According to modular builder StrongKor, cities of the future should follow these 10 commandments:


I would add a few others:

-they must be centers of learning

-they must be home to an energetic entrepreneur community

-they must be places of tolerance, order and peace

-they must have good government

-they must be places open to experiment and change

-they must benefit not only property owners but other stakeholders as well including tenants, visitors, guests, suppliers, clients, customers, kids, and elders, as well as produce positive externalities for the greater community.

I can probably think of a few more but that’s enough for now…

If you are planning a new development, a new subdivision, a new project, you might do well to test yourself against this list. How many boxes can you check off?

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