Entrepreneurialist Culture Quotient (non-scientific)

This is an entrepreneurialist culture quotient test that is for entertainment purposes only. We have tried to deduce some simple tests that may tend to indicate whether you have a high ECQ or not, and this may give you some insight into your potential as an entrepreneur.

Over time as we collect more data and compare scores with successful entrepreneurs as measured, say, in the capitalization of their startups five years out, we can refine this test and perhaps remove the 'ns'.

1. Which would be a more satisfying work environment:

2. If you went on vacation, would you:

3. In a new social setting, are you:

4. How important is a predictable level of income to you:

5. Do you read assembly instructions, or "figure it out as you go"

6. If your pet project failed, would you:

7. If you were given a puzzle with no picture to follow, would you:

8) Prior to 18 years old, was your home environment:

9) If you had no-one to report to at work, how many hours per week would you choose to work:

10) Do you have pet(s)?

11) Do you prefer team sports/games or individual sports/games?

12) What best describes your behavior when you were a kid:

13) Which sentence best describes you:

14) Which type of recreational activity appeals to you most:

15) When you have what you believe is a good idea, does criticism:

16) Is there a history of entrepreneurship in your family?

17) If you found yourself in an unfamiliar city, would you be:

18) Would you rather be superman/woman or the invisible man/woman?

19) Check any and all or none of the following that you have done in the past three years or currently do (check all that apply):

20) Which do you prefer, sales or marketing?

21) Do you have a support network, which you can discuss your ideas/ problems/ fears, with?

22) How would you best describe your view of T.V. commercials?

23) What characteristic most closely reflects your thinking?

24) When you have a half dozen problems to cope with, do you:

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